PhD Student in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

VGG, University of Oxford

Max Bain

Third year DPhil student in computer vision and machine learning at the Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. A Zisserman. My primary research areas are video understanding and vision+language. Alongside this, I also work on computer vision for wildlife.

Sometimes I do other things, like climb rocks, windsurf – if you do too, then drop me a line, we can link up️.

  • Video Understanding
  • Vision+Language
  • Multimodal Learning
  • Computer Vision for Wildlife
  • DPhil in Computer Vision, 2019 -

    University of Oxford

  • MEng in Engineering Science, 2015 - 19

    University of Oxford


Automated Audiovisual Behaviour Recognition in Wild Primates [Science Adv.'21]
Deep learning using audio-visual data from chimpanzee percussive behaviours enables action recognition in the wild.